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Somebody has to think about the perfect solution…

It’s true. Somebody does. As an Architect, it is sort of my charter. The challenge I run into is related to the fact that the perfect solution, while possibly perfect technically, is not only subjective, but is typically not perfect to the business stakeholder. I get it.. I am all about meeting the businesses needs by making trade-offs.. etc. BUT.. I still think.. SOMEBODY needs to give the business their options. “Do it this way.. and it costs you 7$.. but you don’t get the -ilities you really want and don’t know you want.. OR.. do it this way and it will cost you 14$, but you are getting all the things I think you really need.. “. Alot more could be said right here, but the point is made.

Most of the time, the business stakeholders will genuinely pay lip service to the 14$ solution.. but happily skip to their VPs with the 7$ solution and tell them it meets the needs of the project.

In the end, the “right way” is the responsibility of me.. the Architect.. to consider and evangelize. How to do that is something that is essentially defined by the environment I am working. In some places, it is documented and placed on the “we will fix it later” shelf.. in others, it is considered to controversial and never even documented.. yet in others, the prefect solution is placed in a roadmap and seen as the mythical Point of Arrival!

more later